Righteous: (virtuous...noble...ethical... )

Back of every noble life there are principles that have fashioned it. --- George Horace Lorimer

I must stand with anybody that stands right, stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong. --- Abraham Lincoln 1809

If any man wish to write in a clear style, let him be first clear in his thoughts; and if any would write in a noble style, let him first possess a noble soul. --- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe 1749

If you know that a thing is unrighteous, then use all dispatch in putting an end to it - why wait till next year? --- Mencius

Keep strong, if possible. In any case, keep cool. Have unlimited patience. Never corner an opponent, and always assist him to save his face. Put yourself in his shoes - so as to see things through his eyes. Avoid self-righteousness like the devil - nothing is so self-blinding. --- B.H. Liddell Hart

Let us make one point... that we meet each other with a smile, when it is difficult to smile ... Smile at each other, make time for each other… (in her noble speech) --- Mother Teresa,

Let us not therefore go hurrying about and collecting honey, bee-like, buzzing here and there impatiently from a knowledge of what is to be arrived at. But let us open out leaves like a flower, and be passive and receptive: budding patiently under the eye of Apollo and taking hints from every noble insect that favors us with a visit. --- John Keats 1795

Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cures for depression. --- Dodie Smith 1896

The desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise. --- Publius Cornelius Tacitus 55

The only service a friend can really render is to keep up your courage by holding up to you a mirror in which you can see a noble image of yourself. --- George Bernard Shaw 1856

There is nothing noble about being superior to some other man. The true nobility lies in being superior to your previous self. --- Hindu Proverb

To generous souls, every task is noble. --- Euripides 480BC

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